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At Saudi Legal Service, we are committed to providing paralegal support and services to clients based out of Saudi Arabia and UAE. We hold excellence in the kind of services that we provide through this portal. We aim to be a leading paralegal services provider in the GCC region by keeping our client’s priorities and interests ahead of ours.


Legal Research Services

Legal research is the most essential work that needs to be done with the highest accuracy and dedication and when it comes to legal research, one requires long practice and experience. We provide top-quality legal research done by our experienced and seasoned legal research attorneys.

We provide support in qualitative legal tasks like legal transcription, database creation & maintenance, indexing & objective coding, or qualitative legal tasks like patent and trademark work, due diligence report, drafting contracts, research memoranda & pleadings, and review of transactional and litigation documents.

Legal Writing Services

Outsource your legal writing requirements- legally binding & enforceable in law, to the seasoned and marked team of professionals which conforms to the domestic and international laws to protect you and your business from all liabilities and claims. Our legal writing support includes preparation of litigation documents, bankruptcy filing, legal filings, drafting research memoranda, contract drafting, legal pleadings, review of legal documents, etc.

We also assist adequately in the drafting of business certificates, federal & state trademark, content distribution agreements, copyright assignments, a notice of copyright infringement.


Contract Management & Review

We analyze and organize your contract management requirements and also review & summarize the contracts to deliver a risk audit report. We services include preparation, negotiation, and management of contracts and contract forms & contract terms with monitoring compliance and modification support. In addition, we coordinate necessary approvals, obtain signatures, and prepare executive summaries of new contracts.

We also offer proofreading services and our legal opinion on project negotiation for merger & acquisition, joint venture agreements, and other business negotiations.

E-Discovery & Document Review

We also provide editorial support to publishers who are looking for value-added enhancements to their publications. Our services comprise of abstraction of case law and legal journals, indexing legal material, legal research, copy editing.

Our proofreading support includes reviewing and rectifying spellings, making grammatical changes, confirming uniformity in typefaces throughout the document, determining accurate and consecutive numbering of several elements like page numbers, looking for errors in formatting, validating table of contents with elements like titles and subtitles, validating the appropriateness of in-text illustrations, real estate title search and data entry services.


Litigation Support Services

We represent our clients and serve as a comprehensive litigation project management function across all aspects of the litigation process. We provide clients with an effective solution to manage litigation whether it be small firm or midsize companies. We create and maintain electronic case files, ensure compliance with filing requirements, and manage case dockets. We coordinate relevant parties, tasks, responsibilities, and establish procedure to organize and retrieve information and documents.

We also conduct factual research and gather relevant information from various resources, to prepare documentation or statistics, charts, graphs, databases, etc. by compiling information concerning issues identified by the attorney.

Paralegal Services

We provide all kinds of paralegal services from back-office management, bankruptcy services, petition preparation, and filing, managing the estate settlement process, to contract management, entity compliance, and governance, intellectual property support, labor and employment law compliance, family business services, litigation, and arbitration, etc.

Some of our other services include drafting subpoenas, interrogatories, and discovery demands, requesting for medical reports and detailed analysis of medical reports, expert witness report summarization, property search from public records, property settlement agreements, editorial support, indexing legal material, organizing legal database, and proofreading services.


Accounting For Law Firms

We also extend our services to Lawyers and law firms for maintaining their financial data, preparing financial statements, and assisting in tax filing. We offer financial advice and support to eliminate any discrepancies and irregularities related to finances.

We also take care of all the services like invoice accounting, handling the payroll processes, and maintaining financial compliances.

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