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At Saudi Legal Service, we are committed to providing accounting services to clients based out of Saudi Arabia and UAE. We hold excellence in the kind of services that we provide through this portal. We aim to be a leading accounting services provider in the GCC region by keeping our client’s priorities and interests ahead of ours.


Book-keeping Services

Our firm has experienced professionals who provide our clients with all bookkeeping services, strategies, and solutions to help successfully manage all financial business obligations. It is important to allow a team of professionals to maintain, record, and track the numbers involved in the financial side of the business. Thus, we work with our clients on one-on-one approach and to understand their business and recommend the best solution to maintain expenses and operating cost.

Payroll Services

The payroll process can be time consuming and errors can result in unhappy employees and clients. Missing a government agency payroll report and dates and deposits can create a problem. We aim to save our clients time, effort and money by providing accurate payroll at a competitive price. We provide all-encompassing payroll services, including payroll preparation, payroll tax reporting, federal, state, and local tax filing package for all business sizes and cafeteria planning.


Preparation of Trust Accounting

Maintaining a trust account is important as it monitors the performance and application of the trust fund. For a trustee, a trust account helps him discharge his legal responsibilities within a set time. We at Saudi Legal Services ensure that all the trust assets are properly accounted and correct tax returns can be made in respect of the trust assets. Our services include recording of all money coming in and out of the trust, review of investments, record keeping, etc.

Preparing Estate Accounting

A significant amount of litigation can be avoided by maintaining proper estate accounting and understanding the role of an executor or trustee of an estate. We have experienced lawyers who ensure that the estate plan be regularly reviewed and updated taking into account any changes that may lead to conflict.  We ensure to keep all the detail accounts of the information such as all estate money and investments, how estate funds were spent, etc.


Conservatorship Accounting

Conservatorship accountings usually are about an inch thick, and supplemental filings can be just as large. There could be number of problems that may arise while filing conservatorship accountings. Our goal is to prepare an accounting that explains things with such clarity that the court accountant has no concerns and the court approves the accounting on the first attempt.

Analysis of Fiduciary Accounting Services

As fiduciary accounting can come under scrutiny from the IRS or the courts, precision, accuracy, and careful documentation are absolutely necessary, as is specific knowledge of any accounting protocols which apply to the fund in question. In matters relating to a contested accounting, it is particularly important to have an attorney who understands the accounting proceeding. We at Saudi Legal Services defend fiduciaries against ill-advised or wrongful efforts to contest the accounting and our attorneys represent petitioners and respondents in matters arising from contested accountings.


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