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At Saudi Legal Services, we provide various paralegal services to clients based out of Saudi Arabia and UAE. We have a team of experienced and professionally qualified lawyers who have supported clients with reliable legal counsel, guiding and assisting on their day-to-day operations with the most challenging business deals. Our paralegal support includes legal research services, legal writing services, contract management & review, e-discovery and document review, litigation support services, paralegal services, accounting for law firms.

Our support is widely recognized as prompt and dedicated, updated with modern systems and the legal aspects of laws and policies of the country and its landscape. Assisting our clients effectively and efficiently with professionalism is one of the core values that differentiated us from other paralegal firms. If you are short on staff and looking for full-fledged paralegal support or on a contract basis, we are a one-stop solution to all your paralegal problems. Contact us to get a fair solution and a quote to your challenge where we commit to provide our services 7 days a week and get an affordable yet effective solution.

Overview – Saudi Legal Services

Database creation, indexing, drafting contracts, research memoranda, transactional & litigation documents’ review.

Bankruptcy filing, legal filings, drafting research memoranda, contract drafting, legal pleadings.

Preparation of contracts & contract terms, legal opinion on project business negotiation for M&A, JV.

Editorial research & support, indexing legal material, proof-reading, validation and review of documents.

Managing litigation process, ensuring compliance with laws, factual research, preparing legal documents.

Back office management, bankruptcy services, estate settlement process, contract management, compliance, IP support.

Maintaining financial data, preparing financial statements, tax filing, invoice accounting, handling payroll process and other financial compliances.

Why Outsource Legal Services To Us?


Real Estate

We offer paralegal services for real estate transactions and commercial leasing, handle various issues and disputes involved in real estate investment over residential and commercial properties owned by companies or individual.

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Family Business Services

We assist the family offices in Saudi Arabia in drafting, reviewing or amending the articles of associations, regulations, agreements, etc. and internal regulations in the light of the prevailing laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia.

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